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With an integrated seamless interoperability across all blockchain network and diverse contract systems That provide you best services in all over crypto and global use.

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Reinventing the global equity blockchain.


Decentralized Blockchain Database.

Multi Blockchain

Has more reliable for blockchain to across global decentralized blockchain.

Universal Functionality.

Used in smart contracts and have more functionality than the TRC10 blockchain.

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About WhiteX

The best Utility Payment's Token WhiteX

WhiteX provide best services on every Decentrelized Blockchain, for example WhiteX were on TRC20 Blockchain which help for the low gas fee transaction rather on ERC20 Blockchain, WhiteX also on ERC20 that may help for more reliable Solidity Ecosystem rather on TRC20 Blockchain.







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01 Feb

WHITEX Created

WHITEX moved to tron blockchain to decrease the transaction fees so that community can trade and transfer their tokens happily.

01 Mar

Ecosystems and Listing

Listed on good 24h volume market with deployment our first ecosystem which is TRC20-WHX Staking Platform.

15 Mar

Beta Launching WHX Exchange

Launched another ecosystems for WHX which that support for all WHX type blockchain.

Another Ecosystem that will announce on long haul

WhiteX Team were discuss for next ecosystem that may helps WhiteX Project with WhiteX Partnerships.

Already Listed

Our Aim

WhiteX will known on great exchanger because across on many Blockchain with different pros, ecosystems that WhiteX also have also help for WhiteX Partnership that also support WhiteX Project and WHITEX always try to provide best services on crypto .

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